John Denisevich

They say older people are getting younger

…I feel like Agent 44 from the Get Smart Show.

John DenisevichJohn Denisevich, Lifeline Medical Alert Fan

When asked what my secret to a long life is, I answer good genes, healthy eating, patience, a sense of humor and living my life from my heart.

The stars were aligned on New Year’s Eve 1947, when I first laid eyes on my future bride Evelyn. We were married for 64 years, during which we raised a beautiful family together and supported one another through thick and thin. Unfortunately, like many couples my age, Evelyn and I spent our last years together in that delicate dance called caregiving – I reluctantly led, she obediently followed.

When she passed away last year, my children and I felt a collective sentiment of loss and sadness. But we also had a sense of peace, the kind that surrounds you when you know that you’ve done everything possible to make someone else feel loved. I think it is that serenity that gave us the strength and guideposts we needed to take our first steps into a world without Evelyn.

I’m new to widowhood.   I’ve joined a gym where I swim several times a week. I’ve also made a commitment to stay active, and to help me do that I wear a GoSafe Phillips Medical Alert pendant around my neck. It’s a GPS based system that detects if I have fallen, and it works both inside and outside of my home.

One day I was at the pool and I had placed the GoSafe pendant in my sneaker, which I dropped by mistake. Immediately, a lovely voice asked me if I was all right and whether I needed medical assistance. Here I was having a two-way communication with the pendant in my shoe. I felt like Agent 44 on the Get Smart television show!

There’s no doubt I miss my Evelyn every day. And if she can hear me, I want her to know the kids and I are planning a trip to Hawaii, and yes, I am bringing my GoSafe. She doesn’t have to worry about me!