Terry McCarthy

Support, Care and Concern

Terry McCarthyTerry McCarthy, Physical Therapist

As a Physical Therapist working in the home-care setting, I see people of all ages. But the great majority of our patients are those to whom we refer fondly as the “Greatest Generation.” They went to war, their brides held down the fort on a dime, and when they returned they expected to work hard to give their children as many opportunities as they could afford and more.

They also expected to grow old in their own homes with the hope that their children would be close by. What they never expected was for these children to get on a plane and move far away in pursuit of these greater opportunities given and received. But move away they did.

At my initial visit, I am often introduced to those adult children who have returned home for a short time to help their parents recover from some sort of crisis, like a fall or surgery or hospitalization. Besides taking care of my patient, my job in almost all households is to understand the family dynamics. Together we work to figure out a plan to help Mom or Dad receive additional help, either from another family member who lives nearby, a neighbor, or private pay services.

The therapists, nurses and aides at the New Milford VNA & Hospice become extensions of that family. We often see the same people, intermittently, for many years and assist them through many difficulties. We take ownership and get to know our patients and families well. In an agency with strong local roots and connections made through decades of nurturing, we deliver more than home health services. We deliver support, care and concern.