“I’m new to widowhood, and I’ve made a commitment to staying active. Lifeline helps me do that.” —John Denisevich, Roxbury, CT


Phillips Lifeline invented the medical alert industry more than 40 years ago, and is the #1 Medical Alert Service in the U.S.  We offer several systems and options, including a wireless GPS-based system that can be used without a landline.  Contact VNA HOME for more information – 860-946-6161 or info@vnahome.org

When asked what my secret to a long life is, I answer good genes, healthy eating, patience, a sense of humor and living my life from my heart.  I’m new to widowhood.   I’ve joined a gym where I swim several times a week. I’ve also made a commitment to stay active, and to help me do that I wear a GoSafe Phillips Medical Alert pendant around my neck. It’s a GPS based system that detects if I have fallen, and it works both inside and outside of my home. “   –John Denisevich, Lifeline Medical Alert Fan, Roxbury, CT

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