Diane Martell

Finding Courage

Diane MartellDiane Martell, Wife of Hospice Patient & Volunteer

I never thought about how much courage it would take to be a widow until I became one. All the support, empathy and kindness that surrounded me during my husband’s illness and his death did help me greatly, but ultimately it was the love that he and I shared that eventually gave me the strength to start my new life.

Retired and widowed, it was time for me to give back to the community where I have lived for 28 years. Perhaps there was a root of remembrance still deep within me that pulled me towards volunteering for New Milford VNA & Hospice, an organization that had become so much part of my life and that of my family.   My first assignment was to utilize my organizational skills to help oversee the silent auction donations for this year’s Tea for Two Hundred Event that benefits both the New Milford VNA & Hospice and Interfaith AIDS Ministry. It felt good to be part of a vibrant organization whose mission was close to my heart.

It’s not easy to fly solo, but I have started to find my community – connecting with old friends, making new ones, and even attending the Living without a Partner Support Group run by New Milford VNA & Hospice. I am nourished by the strength of my memories, and I am forever grateful for the kindness that helped guide me as I found the courage for my new life.