While caregiving can be a rewarding expression of love, it also comes with physical, emotional and financial demands. We offer an array of caregiver support programs and tools, including  Geriatric Care Managers, Caregiver Support Groups in New Milford & Kent, Lifeline Medical Alert Systems and Private Care Services through VNA Home.

“Our meeting started with roundtable introductions.  When it was Sarah’s turn, she whispered her name so quietly that I had to lean forward to hear it as she repeated it.  Almost with a hint of embarrassment, she murmured, “My name is Sarah.” And then she said, “Sorry, but I find myself speaking in whispers lately.  I think that the stress of taking care of my father has taken away my ability to speak.”

In silence, we looked at one another, acknowledging that each of us had experienced this at some point in our caregiving experience.  Her honest statement transformed us from strangers sitting in a room to a melting pot of caregivers confiding in one another under challenging circumstances.” – Catherine Vlasto, LCSW NMVNA & Hospice describes a Caregiver Support Group meeting

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