They say older people are getting younger. I feel like Agent 44 from the Get Smart Show.

John Denisevich, Lifeline Medical Alert Fan When asked what my secret to a long life is, I answer good genes, healthy eating, patience, a sense of humor and living my life from my heart. The [...]

I have always had a deep commitment to helping create the world of tomorrow, especially in my own backyard.

Charles B. Barlow, Long Time Supporter of New Milford VNA & Hospice I am no stranger to sitting on local nonprofit boards, including Hunt Hill Farm, the New Milford Historical Society and the [...]


We are hardwired to be social, and that doesn’t diminish with age.  In fact, some of us believe that it becomes even stronger. Michael Stone, Director. Nichole Brant, Client Care [...]


The word Hospice often makes us stop in our tracks because it suggests that we are leaving all connection to friends, family and ultimately ourselves. But a Hospice experience can be the [...]

When Your Life Partner Passes

Joe Mustich, Hospice Family Member The Spring Equinox marks the official end to winter. This year it also marked the day that my spouse Ken passed away. During the 35 years we spent together, we [...]

Surrounded by Love

Sue Miranda, RN A while ago I took care of a married couple. She had lymphoma. He had diabetes and dementia. They had recently moved into a small, one level home and had given clear direction to [...]

Support, Care and Concern

Terry McCarthy, Physical Therapist As a Physical Therapist working in the homecare setting, I see people of all ages. But the great majority of our patients are those to whom we refer fondly as [...]

Golf. Is it a Game or Therapy?

Cindy LaCour, SW, Candlewood Valley Health &Rehab NMVNA Hospice Team Member Mr. Anderson was a retired fireman from Queens who loved to play golf with his childhood sweetheart wife of 65 [...]

When Parents Fade Away

Dawn MacNutt, MSW, Geriatric Care Manager My client Lillian was a retired psychiatrist who had been living in an assisted living home for four years.  She was receiving the maximum amount of care [...]

Finding Courage

Diane Martell, Wife of Hospice Patient & Volunteer I never thought about how much courage it would take to be a widow until I became one. All the support, empathy and kindness that surrounded [...]

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